When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.

Age Play

Age play covers a large amount of areas from Mother/Aunty fantasy right through to being an adult baby in the tender loving care of Mummy Mariah, Nanny or a beautiful babysitter.

We have several Mistresses here at the MM Club in Wellington central that provide different areas of age play.

Mistress Mariah provides Mother or Aunty fantasy and can be the nurturing if somewhat twisted Mother with the best interests of her ‘big boy’ foremost in her mind. Well certainly she wants to know that her big boy will be well schooled in the area of how to choose a good woman, not a cheap slut who parades herself in all of those terrible magazines! These sessions can be in our Wellington dungeon or in a fantasy room with more of a domestic setting for realism.


Mistress Mariah also provides sessions of strict Mother or Aunty who will discipline and chastise and then teach about the birds and the bees with some hands on training.

And Mummy Mariah is the Nanny from heaven or hell who will put you in a big diaper and plastic pants and over naps and put you to bed with a bottle or perhaps a butt plug inserted and cuffed to the bed so you can’t escape. Whether you have a diaper fetish or a latex fetish or just wish to be turned into a big sissy baby Mummy Mariah is the Mummy for you in her central Wellington nursery room.

Mallory or Lori can be a wonderful student nurse, baby sitter or older sister who can provide many varieties of age play, sweet and loving or cold and mean depending on what your inner baby craves.

Behaviour modification of many types can be found at The MM Club in Wellington, either in our dungeon, our nursery room or one of our domestic rooms. I do believe we are the only place in New Zealand offering such a comprehensive range of age play sessions.