When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.


Corporal punishment is an especially favourite session for Mistress Mariah and her love of this sport has also transferred to some of the other MM Club Dommes. Here at The MM Club in Wellington Central cbd we have a vast array of canes including school canes, rattan canes, Singapore punishment cane, whangee cans, multi canes and many more. We also have a large number of straps and tawses.

Corporal punishment can be dished out in sessions based on the number of strokes, for example 6 or 12 of the best, a military caning, a 15 minute caning with an unstipulated number of cane strokes or a session involving role-play and corporal punishment based around time.


The possibilities are Head Mistress, Prison warden, Mother or strict Aunty or whatever your fantasy dictates. If it is a welted arse you are after with a rush of endorphins and an overwhelming sense of well-being then come along and see an MM Club Mistress in our Wellington dungeon.

Mistress Mariah is the only one who provides the very short sessions of cp.

Maybe you like the thought of corporal punishment but can’t have any marks left on you, this makes a good caning very difficult so think this through carefully before applying. Mistress can apply cane strokes to all stay within your underpants line for at least some discretion.

OTK is also an area of much delight for MM Club Mistresses here in Wellington. Putting you over their knee and giving you a good hard spanking with their hand or a hairbrush or a variety of paddles or maybe a slipper. Perhaps you have had the tables turned on you for your arrogant disrespectful treatment of women, or maybe you are a wayward sissy or maid that needs a good hard spanking in which case there are many an MM Club Mistress capable of this.

If you need some corporal punishment or some not so serious punishment there is nowhere else in New Zealand with such a beautiful Mistress line up to choose from.