When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.



This disclaimer is to cover the misuse of the term ‘training’ by any party other than someone who is currently working through or with The MM Club.
From time to time there may be those who work with us for a short time and learn a small amount and then head off to set themselves up as ‘Fully Trained by Mistress Mariah’.


If you contact someone that is claiming this and they are in Wellington then just ask yourself why they might not still be operating from the best premises in the country!


If you are after something light and erotic or a fantasy role-play such as forced feminisation then you are not in any danger, but if you put your family jewels or your life in the hands of someone that we have deemed not worthy of such trust then ‘buyer beware’…. And remember the Huka Falls incident!


If you wish to book with someone claiming to be trained by us then by all means contact us and check. It may be that they are extremely good at what they do and decided to work privately or somewhere else, with which we have no problem and will always give honest and unbiased information.
The MM Club welcomes healthy competition, just not blatant misuse of its good name.
This disclaimer is posted in the interests of safe, sane and consensual.All Female and Male participants on this site are over the age of 18