When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.

Forced fem

One of the most popular sessions we provide here at The MM Club in Wellington central is forced feminization. It is popular with our Dominatrix as well as with our gentlemen callers. Forced feminization is the joy of being taken from John to Jody – stripped of your maleness and transformed into a slutty whore or perhaps a classy corporate tart – either way you will become just another bitch for Mistress. Hers to taunt, tease and violate.

The MM Club cross dresser wardrobe is full to overflowing with wigs, lingerie, baby dolls, suspender belts, dresses, stockings and heels for your transformation by Mistress.



You may desire some bondage, or some torture of your genitals that you wish, for the purposes of this session, were actually female, you may enjoy having your nipples tortured, being spanked or strutting your stuff for your Mistress.

It may be all about the sluttiness of you and the anal violation and dildo worship that make you feel like the cheap tramp you are inside -The ultimate rape fantasy in a safe controlled environment. If you have favourite scenarios then by all means make mention of them when you call to book, otherwise leave it in our capable hands and we will transform and own you while you are with us.

Forced bi is another popular session, sucking cock for your Mistress, or being ‘taken’ by a man, or spit roasted by a silicone cock and a real one. You might like to be hooded or have him be hooded; you may like him to be dominant or as submissive as you. You may wish to leave it up to your Wellington Mistress to have the final say on what the scenario will be.

If you want to suck cock without the feeling of guilt that may otherwise accompany that then give us a call and let us take the guilt away for you. For some people it is a bucket list thing and it doesn’t turn out how they fantasized but there is no shame in trying.

Or are you a big mincing sissy? Preferring to dress in satins and frills and mince about for Mistress attending to her whims and being punished or tortured for no particular reason other than you are so pathetic.

We cater to so many tastes and desires here in our central Wellington dungeon, forced feminisation is just one of them – give us a call and confide in Mistress.