When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.


Operating hours are set out below. These hours are our standard times but bookings may be available outside of these times with prior notice.
The MM Club phone is on:
Monday to Thursday from 9am until 9pm
Friday 9am until 8pm
Saturday 11am until 7pm
Sunday and public holidays from 12pm until 6pm


Answerphone messages can be left and we will get back to you if required.

Text bookings are also an option but if your session is involved or if it is your first time to us then a phone call is recommended.

If you are a first time caller but you choose to text us there is a chance we won’t answer unless your message sounds more realistic than ‘Hey’ or ‘who is available’ or ‘what are your prices’ and don’t expect us to thank you for texts saying such things as ‘Mistress you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen – I am on my knees before you’, you are of no use to us there, get in to our central Wellington dungeon and see an MM Club Dominatrix for real!

If you expect information from us by text then we need some from you first. A name is handy, also an indication of whether you have been to us before or seen any of us before.

If you have seen this message then you have had the opportunity to see the profiles of our Wellington Dominatrix so don’t ask us to describe our Mistresses or services provided by them by text as you will not get an answer. If you require more information then call us as we are not willing to risk RSI from texting information we have taken great pains to provide on this website.