When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.


When you think of a Dominatrix or a Dungeon does your mind switch off and your bum squeeze up? Or do your senses start to tingle and your mind start to wander into darker places?
Both of these reactions are quite normal. For many of you the thought of a Dominatrix means pure pain and humiliation but only some of you will find that a tantalizing prospect. The rest of you are most likely looking for something a little different but not TOO extreme. Well you have all come to the right place.

The MM Club has been developed with almost everyone in mind. You don’t have to be looking for something depraved and torturous to be reading this site – although some of us here excel at depraved, but it isn’t compulsory!


Many of you will be after a little bit of light erotic tie and tease in a dungeon environment with a lady wearing shiny PVC and thigh high boots. We can do that! We can also do a naughty nurse scenario or a schoolteacher who seduces both her female and male pupil in the detention room, or the lightly dominant PVC goddess with the lightly submissive maiden at her side, controlling you AND the maiden for her viewing pleasure.


If you are after something a little different to bedroom sex then give us a call and let us make you a few suggestions.


BUT if you are looking for something a bit more seriously psychological or what some people might see as twisted, then you should also give us a call and see what we have in store for you. The MM Club is judgment free, nothing will make us think “Oh my god what a weirdo” In fact if you can come up with something that Mistress Mariah hasn’t heard before she may even eat her hat for you.


All in all between The MM Club and Funhouse there are very few things we can’t provide. Although we do veer away from seriously extreme sessions such as full on medical play, hanging, brown showers, ruby showers and roman showers, scarification, waterboarding and ball busting to name a few.


But even if we don’t provide these things we may be able to head you in the direction of someone who does.