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Our Services

About the MM Club


For those of you with sexual desires a little left of vanilla, the MM Club in central Wellington provides a huge list of fantasy and fetish sessions to cover most cravings.


Your Limits


Will be respected, a safe, sane and consensual atmosphere is an excellent concept that we always adhere to. You are entitled to use a ‘safe word’ (ours is ‘mercy’). If you request a session of extreme torture to test and perhaps push your limits there is an alternative safe word system that will be made available to you. We do not believe in permanent damage either physical or psychological.


Our Limits


Generally dommes do not provide full service but a booking involving full service may be available if you contact us and ask. There are services that are exclusively provided by some Dommes but between us we cover a huge amount of possibilities.


Your fantasy will be in here somewhere!!!


HOWEVER if you are disrespectful of our limits or try to ‘top from the bottom’ you will not be allowed to return.

Because there are more fantasies and fetishes out there than we can poke a cane at there is no point in trying to list all of them. Have a look at our glossary and see if you recognise your desired session but if not by all means get in touch and ask if we can cater to you.

There are very few things we can’t do, and a few things we WON’T do due to safety or hygiene but if we can provide it in a safe, sane and consensual environment then we will!

Give us a call, even if we don’t provide it we won’t judge you or ridicule you – we may berate you if it is something unsafe to all parties involved – but we will be as helpful as possible with your journey of living out your fantasy. We take your fantasy or fetish as seriously as you do!


More questions? First time?


Contact Madam Mary NOW!!


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