When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.

Tease and denial

A session of tease and denial with a sexy Mistress at the MM Club Wellington central dungeon can involve many things. Obviously it includes lots of teasing, maybe you being lightly restrained, standing up, up against a bondage wall, lying down, sitting even or perhaps on a kneeling rack where your Mistress has access to certain parts of you that she can tease with fingers and toys before getting to the main menu.

It may be that you wish for a PVC vamp to tie you up and strip down slowly in front of you while you are also teased by her hands and mouth and the sight of her beautiful body, unable to touch but very able to see – this can be arranged. Maybe your denial is only for part of the session, more of an orgasm control scenario, build you up and let you down, then build you up again and let you down, keeping you on the brink but not letting you explode until the very end. Holding your orgasm hostage until your gorgeous Dominatrix decides it is time to release it and you.

Generally tease and denial is a light erotic session, no pain or torture, no punishment or verbal humiliation, a fabulous introductory session for the nervous first time visitor to a dungeon. Unless of course you have more severe treatment on your mind, in which case always choose a more skilled Dominatrix for your session.

However there are always many variations on any particular session or fantasy, your tease and denial might be lots of tease and complete denial. You may not want to orgasm in the presence of your Mistress at all. You may feel it is more appropriate to take that home with you and do it in the privacy of your own room with the memory of the session still fresh in your mind.

It is your session so it is your choice, but it always pays to let us know before the session starts whether it is orgasm control with relief at the end, or orgasm denial with no relief allowed. With the Mistress line up we have here at the MM Club in Wellington you should be able to find more session types than anywhere else in New Zealand.