We now have some of the most GORGEOUS women in the industry stepping into PVC and Boots to provide mind-blowing light erotic tease sessions. These can be with or without full service, with or without a blindfold, with or without a role-play scenario…. So many possibilities!



These dungeon vamps are not Dominatrix but they are sexy and beautiful women who enjoy a session of something a bit different, lightly naughty and fun. They are trained up in our Wellington central dungeon to be able to work by themselves or with a Mistress. So if you want a session with someone dressed like a Dominatrix who will have sex with you then book an MM Club dungeon vamp.


These women are of course from Funhouse or Mohtel, the sister branches of The MM Club in Wellington. They learn their main skill in the big bedrooms of Funhouse and then those that are interested are trained in sexy dungeon tie and tease or erotic bondage as it is otherwise known.


This means that for all of you boys who just love the look of a sexy woman in PVC but don’t like the thought of that woman bossing you about or being too controlling then you can have your cake and eat it too!!!


The MM Club dungeon in Wellington where nothing is compulsory apart from having fun and living out your fantasy.


And then there are the bi-double Vamp sessions!
Or Bi-triple.


Don’t forget the sex furniture the kneeling rack (perfect for doggie) and all those vibrators and strap-ons and endless other pieces of equipment to play with to heighten the fun.
And don’t forget that our Wellington Dungeon is the most comfortable, warm and luxurious one in New Zealand and the most well equipped one in Wellington!
Put yourself in hands YOU can TRUST!