When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone.

Water sports


Are you one of those people who just love the warm and sensual feeling of being bathed in warm nectar from a commanding, sexy goddess?


Here at The MM Club dungeon in central Wellington we are blessed with several Dominatrix who provide sessions with watersports involved or as some people like to call it – toilet training.


Mistress Minx, Anthea and Millicent can all provide golden showers. You can be used for their entertainment or just used instead of them having to make the effort to go to the toilet. Why would they bother when they have a toilet slave in the dungeon with them?


Are you willing to drink the nectar of the Goddess or do you need to be forced to do it? Do you wish to look upward as it starts to fall onto you? Look up into the beautiful vessel it is flowing from? On your back with your mouth open waiting to receive every drop, awaiting instructions from your Mistress – hoping she will allow you to clean her.


If you have a fantasy involving golden nectar then call and make a time to see an MM Club Mistress in our central Wellington dungeon. Come along and have your wet dreams fulfilled with a beautiful MM Club Dominatrix.