Online Training

Do you dream of being dominated by an intelligent sexy woman, but you’re too timid to approach one in person or the tyranny of distance keeps you from visiting The MM Club in person? For a limited number of dedicated subs and sluts Mistress V is offering a variety of online and remote domination services.


E-mail directions.
Perhaps you wish to feel that a Mistress is always peering over your shoulder, watching your every move and directing you in how you should behave, what you should do to please Her from afar and how and if you should be allowed to come? Mistress V can deliver this: three e-mails a week which will set you tasks you dare not fail, outline what She would do to Her slave if you were a little closer to Her luxurious dungeon and generally keep you on your toes to please your Mistress.
Cost: $250 for four weeks of domination.


Perhaps you can’t keep your hands off your slutty cock and need a stern Mistress to keep you under lock and key? Mistress V will instruct you when to lock yourself into a chastity device and will demand you prove it is being worn each day for an agreed period of time. Perhaps She will be cruel and will taunt you with stories of what She would do to you, or make you do, or perhaps She will ignore you entirely as you’re hardly worth Her time. Mistress will e-mail and text to check you are being a good and obedient sub.
Cost: $130 per period of chastity, plus initial cost of chastity device.


Complete ownership:
Perhaps you desire a Mistress like the beautiful Mistress V to have input in all aspects of your life. To e-mail you directions, text to check in, IM you if you’re overseas and demand photographs to ensure you are complying with Her orders? Do you want someone to relinquish all control to? Maybe you are a sissy slut and want Mistress V to tell you what lacy underwear you should be wearing every day? Or perhaps you enjoy being degraded and humiliated and would relish opening your inbox to a note from Mistress outlining your many failings as a slave? Would you enjoy being My little slut, only masturbating when I tell you to, and coming only for Me?
Cost: $260 per week.