Dear Mary,

I enjoyed that. Thanks to both of you for making this possible and to Pandora for being so gorgeous and utterly unavailable.



so i had the absolute pleasure of spending a lovely 2 hours with the ever fabulous Mistress Minx today, all i can say it has been too long since my last visit.
She was amazing. as always. i loved absolutely every single second of it. i’m already turning all sorts of interesting colours in places 😀

i think i am in love ……

please pass my thanks on to the lovely divine goddess.
can’t wait for my next visit!


MISTRESS MARIAH. Keep showing up the rest! Such a pleasure to meet a level headed, organised businesswoman.


thank you Mistress to You and Domina H for a wonderful experience. I especially loved the contrast between cuddly warm contact and sharp pain. I am now saving for my next experience. xxxx to you both.

Ms Minx is without a doubt the most captivating Mistress i have had the honor of serving. She is gorgeous and takes my breath away just thinking about Her.
The things She did to me were fantastic, if only the time didn’t fly by so quickly. i’d be happy to stay naked, on my knees, at Her feet the entire day.
i really enjoyed the way she teased, and hurt and caressed and pleasured all at the same time. She is a very talented Lady who knows how to use a strap on, that’s for sure. i loved being tied down watching Her ravage my ass with Her cock.
i hope She had some fun and got some enjoyment out of our time together.
Next time, and i do very much hope that there will be a next time, She can use bigger clips, heavier weights and a bigger strap on if She likes.
It was a privilege to meet Her and i can definitely say i will be wanting to spend a lot more time with Her if She found me worthy to consider a repeat appointment.
Now all i have to do is try and avoid playing with myself constantly, without Your permission, as i sit here and replay the delicious moments thinking about worshipping Her gorgeous body and wishing She was pounding Her cock in to my ass repeatedly.
i will be ordering the cage soon, as per Your instructions.
For now, i’ll be off to dream about Ms Minx
submissively Yours

Dearest, Most Transcendent Mistress!
This is a short note to repeat my absolute appreciation of our session on Monday. It was totally wonderful, You took me
to places i have not been in a very long time, and i am still quivering inside when i remember it.
You gave my nipples such a great workout, they are still aching to be touched and bitten by You, as is the rest of me. You
truly have a rare gift to reach deep inside Your sissy’s mind and heart, and to connect with those very dark and deep desires.
Thank You for sharing that gift.
Your obedient slave

…..your ability to use different rooms for different parts of a scenario is so valuable and adds to the excitement of the experience. The things that Ms Minx does with and too me are so imaginative, commanding and erotic!!! I admit I am spoiled now by the level of service I get at her hands but in my travels internationally I do visit other Dommes hoping for something close to Ms Minx special attention but so far I haven’t found it.
In my growing experience it is rare to find anywhere that displays the level of imagination, passion and skilful art of fetish and fantasy that The MM Club brings alive every time I visit. I just had to write and tell you how much I appreciate Ms Minx and the amazing sessions you all consistently provide – my god I can’t wait to see her again!!!



I just wanted to say that Mistress Minx was absolutely fantastic. She is SO beautiful and has such a lovely nature. I enjoyed it immensely and, as you know, extended my time with her.
Please could you pass on my thanks to her for a wonderful two hours.
I’ll certainly return to see Mistress Minx the next time I’m in Wellington.
For now I’ll try to keep an image of her in my head.

Humble Thanks
Most Magnificent Mistress!
That was a wonderful experience this afternoon – i only wish we could have gone on for a couple of more hours taking charlotte’s training and submission further. my mind was begging for more pain and humiliation at Your beautiful hands.
Once again, i am grateful for the care You took over Your clothes and in playing out the scenario in character – everything was wonderful.

I just want to start off by once again thanking you for the wonderful consultation you gave us. We came out of there feeling so optimistic, in some ways our view of the world had become more positive, as my partner and I have been feeling a bit burdened by the judgementalism of people of late.
We really felt that it was a great place: a warm soothing atmosphere (when it was supposed to be!) and so completely fitting to its purposes that my partner and I felt it actually validated our fetishes just by seeing them so accurately captured.
And you were amazing as well. We felt so comfortable to speak and share with you. My partner especially, who is hardly ever as candid as that, or as I! I do not exaggerate when I say I have mainly held her exclusive trust as long as I’ve known her (as long as she’s lived, she tells me) so the fact that she was willing to open up to you, and do intimate things in your presence is so inspiring to me.
I sense a great change in her, and in us, merely by our being given permission. You made us feel like there is nothing wrong with us. More accurately, you adequately explained why there really isn’t anything wrong with us. That is a great gift. THANK YOU!
J & KThis next testimonial was placed on a forum site but the link was sent to me by a regular client as something I may be interested to put on here. It is in response to comments about my maidens sitewww.funhouse.co.nzAbsolutely right – she has a great range (GFE through to kink) and is a really nice person (unless you don’t want her to be!).Mariah (is she also known as Mary?) is a really deep thinker and is really open and non-judgmental. She is great to talk to about fantasy scenarios because she has seen most things and tries to understand how individual men (in particular) t