Airport Kidnapping

As he picked his second bag off the luggage conveyor belt and put it on the airport trolley his mind was racing with thoughts of his first meeting with his internet love. They had been communicating by email for several weeks so when he got the opportunity to come to New Zealand on business he jumped at the chance to meet her in person. Email and photos are fine but they can’t beat the real thing!

He was thinking through their last email conversation and the phone call they shared immediately afterwards when they discussed what she would like him to do to her once she was comfortable with him. She was naturally submissive and enjoyed being tied and teased, ordered about and made to please her man. He was very excited at the prospect of experiencing this with someone he had found himself becoming so fond of already. Although he was not naturally Dominant the thought of something so different to Vanilla sex appealed immensely.

They had organised for her to meet him at the airport, in a matter of minutes she would be there, his Rosie, his new love! “Hi are you Theo? Rosie has asked me to collect you, she is running late and wasn’t able to make it out here in time. My name is Pearl and I will take you in to town to meet with Rosie” She shook his hand, and motioned for him to follow her. They chatted on the way about his trip and his work and how he and Rosie had met through an internet dating site.

Once loaded into the car she told him that Rosie had asked if she could take him for a drive around some of the beaches in Wellington. She was not going to be free to meet with him for an hour or so and wanted to make sure that he at least got to do some sightseeing while he was waiting. They drove for ten minutes around the rugged coastline with Pearl pointing out points of interest and engaging in general chit chat. Then she pulled over behind some large sand dunes explaining that it would be a nice place to take some photos of Wellington if he wanted to. Theo nodded in agreement so they pulled over and he got out. He didn’t really think about how secluded the spot was until he noticed Pearl driving away from him. He shouted out for her to stop but she drove off and he was left there.

What a predicament, where was he? How would he get to the city? What was going on? His cell phone was in Pearl’s car and she was nowhere to be seen. He had his camera and luckily his passport was in his pocket, everything else was in the car. How could he have been so stupid, so easily fooled? Where was Rosie?

He sat for about ten minutes trying to make sense of it all and then he saw them. Their car had pulled into the bay where he was, ‘thank God’ he thought, at last someone to help me get out of here. He saw the women in the car get out and walk around the car looking quizzically at the tyres, kicking them and shaking their heads. He hurriedly walked towards them and gathered his best English to ask them for help. They saw him coming and looked at each other. He waved his hands at them and called out “please can you help me?”. He kept walking towards them and as he got closer he started nervously trying to explain what had happened, Rosie – a strange woman – dropped and left here… The more mature woman started to speak, she said “we can give you a ride into the city” The younger woman looked around and then smiled at him as she opened the back door of the car. “Get in the back here with me if you like” she stepped aside so he could get into the car ahead of her and then he felt her push him. She put her hand on the back of his head pushed him through the car door and forced him down onto the back seat of the car. She pulled his arms up behind him and cuffed them together with rope. The door on the other side of the car opened and the mature woman got in. She grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head towards her as she leaned down and whispered menacingly in his ear. “You filthy little fuck, it was me that you were corresponding with, you think you will get to tie me up and do things to me? It is you that will become the little bitch slut. I am going to make you my little whore and show you not to mess with women in New Zealand”

She got out of the car and closed the door, he felt himself be pushed into the back seat further and the other women get in beside him. She reached over with a pillow case and put it over his head, then she put a rope over it and around his neck, pulling it tight enough for him to know that he couldn’t try and escape. Then she felt around his body and discovering his passport she took it out of his pocket and threw it on the front seat.

He heard the car start and they drove off. For the next while he was told about the drive through the city and reminded that he would never see it. He was told repeatedly how stupid he was to have believed that anyone would want to be Dominated by him and he had a knife held to his balls for most of the journey with the threat of having them cut off if he made a wrong move.

Eventually the car stopped and then backed into a car park. He heard car doors opening and closing and then she was there, the mature one, Mariah with her hand through the rope around his neck, pulling it tight and twisting it until he had trouble breathing. She held a sharp knife to his throat and threatened him that if he made any noise or any sudden movements that he would be very very sorry. Then she took the pillow slip off his head and pulled him out of the car. She made him stand up and walk up a steep fire escape. He looked around enough to see that they were in a service lane or alleyway of some type. No-one else was around and it was getting dark. The two women were behind him on the stairs and he could feel how menacing they were without even seeing them. He was truly frightened.

At the top of the stairs the door was opened in front of him and he was pushed by Mariah through the door so hard that he fell to his knees, his hands were still bound and he almost began to cry. What was to become of him? All the way there they had been threatening him with disappearance, something about a restaurant downstairs that was very obliging with disposing of flesh and human remains. Mariah had explained how she lured men like him by pretending to be a young innocent girl looking for a boyfriend when really what she wanted was a slave to serve her and her woman friends and service her paying clients. She told him how when her slaves got old or lazy or their arses got too stretched she would dispose of them and get a new one. She preyed on lonely unsuspecting men like Theo.

Once inside, the women took one arm each and began to drag Theo through the building throwing him into a darkened room and looking the door. When his eyes adjusted he could just make out that the door was a cage door. He was in a cell of some type. He looked around and saw chains and handcuffs and a dog bowl on the floor.

He seemed to be there for a very long time before he was half blinded by a light shining through the bars and when his eyes adjusted he could see the outline of a beautiful woman… another one that he hadn’t yet met. She had long dark hair and was standing in the doorway of the room opposite the cell with the bright light shining behind her. She was wearing a shiny black PVC dress that tightly hugged her figure and as he gasped she stepped closer to the door and opened it. As she did this Mariah stepped back in to the cell dressed now in clothing that made her look like a prison warden. She moved towards Theo and grabbed his hair pulling his head back. She spat in his face and called him a filthy, cheap tart that was about to be violated for their pleasure, then she spat on him again and rubbed her saliva all over his face and leaned down to grab his balls and squeeze them hard.

As she let go of his balls she stood up and holding his head back she slapped his face hard and spat on him again, then released his head and stepped away. The other woman who had been in the back seat of the car came into the cell now and walked towards him, she put a leather collar around his neck and pulled him up on to his feet so he was standing facing out of the cell. Mariah moved closer and pulled out a flick knife with which she cut off the buttons of his shirt one by one and then his fly button. She pulled down his trousers and cut his underpants away from his genitals so they hung in pieces around his knees with his trousers. She ripped his shirt away from his body and began to cut away some of the hair from his nipples. He began to tremble so she slapped his face even harder than last time and told him to harden up or she would cut more than just his hair.

The other woman untied his hands while Mariah held the knife to his throat. Theo was too scared to even breathe in case the knife cut him. He felt his shirt sleeves being pulled off him and hands running through the hair on his back, and down to his arse. The other woman commented on how cute his butt was and Mariah smiled.

Meanwhile the German beauty had arrived back with a collection of female lingerie and a wig which she threw on the floor in front of Theo. Mariah took the knife away, ordered him to finish undressing and then put the lingerie and wig on. Then the women all left the cell, closing the door and leaving Theo alone to get dressed.

He had never worn this kind of thing before but knew that he would have to get used to it pretty fast if he was to satisfy these evil bitches. They had brought him satin knickers, and a satin camisole, a suspender belt and black stockings and a blonde wig. He hurriedly put them all on and stood awaiting the next part of their cruel fantasy.

It wasn’t long before someone came back to see him. The German came into the cell this time and Mariah and Victoria stood outside laughing at him, saying how dreadful he looked and that they would have to completely shave him and put some serious make-up on him to have him ready for their first client. And of course they would have to train him to suck cock and stretch his arse ready for fucking. He noticed that Mariah was wearing a large strap on and was stroking it like it was attached to her.

The German one who he came to know as Minx pushed him on to his knees and dragged him by his hair towards the cell door as Mariah moved closer from the other side and pushed her cock through the bars. Minx pushed his head forward and Mariah reached through and pulled his head onto her cock and started pushing his head up and down like a filthy cock sucking slut, thrusting it into his mouth further and further until he wanted to gag. As he did this Minx pulled his head backwards, spat on him and pushed his mouth back onto the silicone cock and kept pushing his head further onto Mariahs cock explaining that he would have to get used to this treatment as that is what clients expected.

He could hear them all laughing and talking but he was so scared he had no idea what they were saying. He was mainly concentrating on not throwing up. Mariah grew bored of this fairly quickly and they dragged him by his hair out into a big room filled with mirrors and dungeon furniture. He was told that this is what happens to filthy fucks that try and trap women into having sex with them on the internet. Mariah told him that from now on he was going to be called Rosie and be used by her and whoever else she wished, to serve them sexually or clean and cook and be beaten for any wrong doings or just if she was in the mood to beat him. From now on Theo no longer existed, Theo was dead there was only Rosie and Rosie was a bitch, slut sex slave who was only good for fucking, pissing on, beating, and renting out for a cheap price to men who wanted such a filthy little whore.