Sissy for Sale

Today Mistress Mariah has Her sissy maid charlotte at home for maid training and cleaning. She makes charlotte dress in her best silky lingerie, corset and maid’s uniform including gloves and stiletto heels. She adds some make-up: blusher, lip-gloss and some eye shadow.

Mistress Mariah announces that She has put charlotte up for sale, and a buyer is arriving any minute to check her out. charlotte had better be on her best behaviour, otherwise life will become total hell for her as Mistress will put her on the street to earn her keep sucking john’s cocks and being fucked up the arse by them as a $10 whore.

There is a knock at the door, charlotte is sent to open the door and show in the guest. she must curtsey when she opens the door and say, ‘Mistress Mariah’s residence, may i be of service to You?’

The caller is indeed the potential buyer, a glamorous Mistress wearing a long coat, hat, gloves and high-heeled leather boots. Her eyes are masked. ‘Mistress Minx,’ she says. ‘I am expected.’ She has a strong, seductive German accent.

charlotte takes Her coat, hat and gloves and hangs them up, then says, ‘If Mistress will please follow me to the drawing room, Mistress Mariah is indeed expecting You.’ she minces up the passage with her best sissy walk and announces Mistress Minx.

The beautiful Mistresses sit, and charlotte is sent to fix drinks. While They sip Their tea and chat, charlotte is sent to kneel in a corner, nose touching the wall.

When The Mistresses are ready, charlotte is commanded to stand to attention in the middle of the room. Mistress Minx carries out a thorough inspection of the maid, noting all the faults She finds. charlotte has to hold up her petticoats and dress while her panties are lowered and the cock and balls displayed for detailed inspection. Then she has to bend forward to display her arse, and hears the snapping of a latex glove before the anus is also probed.

‘Well, it might be acceptable,’ says Mistress Minx, ‘but I’ll have to try it out for it’s abilities and services first.’

‘Please be My guest,’ replies Mistress Mariah. ‘I was expecting nothing less. Come through to My training rooms, and You can do whatever You like with it.’

She leads Mistress Minx to Her dungeon, and charlotte is commanded to crawl after them.

charlotte’s dress is removed, and the two Mistresses quickly tie her up. ‘it has quite sensitive nipples,’ says Mistress Mariah, as She grips and pinches charlotte’s nipples hard. charlotte groans slightly, but knows better than to yell or protest at this treatment. Mistress Minx administers more nipple torture, pinching and twisting them mercilessly. She then spanks the maid and gives her a couple of cuts with a riding crop.

‘What about the private parts?’ she asks. Mistress Mariah commands charlotte to pull down her panties, then She shackles the maid to the wall. ‘Please see for Yourself,’ She invites, and the two Women proceed to torture the cock and balls with clothes pegs, rubber bands, weights and the Wartenburg wheel. Soon the sissy is a quivering wreck before them, blubbering her wretched eyes out.

‘Such a pathetic baby,’ sneers Mistress Minx. ‘That was barely 1 out of 10 on the pain scale.’ She dribbles hot wax from a candle over the head of the sissy cock, causing charlotte to beg for mercy.

‘Now, what about cock?’ asks Mistress Minx. ‘I hope it can take a good 30 centimeters at each end.’

‘Oh yes, the sissy absolutely loves big cocks!’ replies Mistress Mariah, handing Her friend a harness with a gigantic purple dildo attached, and grabbing an identical one for Herself.

charlotte is released to help the Mistresses put on the harnesses, then has to kneel and lubricate both cocks with her mouth – Mistress Minx making sure to force her to deep throat. charlotte is then bound tightly to a punishment bench with her arse high in the air. Mistress Minx rams Her cock home into charlotte’s hole, and as she tries to scream, Mistress Mariah shoves Her cock in the sissy’s mouth. Both Mistresses fuck charlotte hard, before They swap ends and continue to pound the pathetic creature between Them.

‘Hell, I need a piss!’ announces Mistress Minx when They are finished fucking charlotte. ‘Lie down here bitch!’ She orders, and charlotte lies on the tiles, mouth open and eyes closed. Mistress Minx squats over the sissy’s face and releases a stream of golden piss into the waiting mouth. When charlotte has to swallow, piss rains down all over her face until she opens her mouth again to receive the urine.

After She finishes pissing, Mistress Minx stuffs the base of a dildo into charlotte’s mouth and orders the sissy to hold it steady while She pleasures Herself.

‘Darling Mariah, I’m so sorry, but unfortunately I cannot buy this sissy,’ says Mistress Minx, grinding herself down onto charlotte’s face and gripping her hair. ‘There are just too many faults for it to be of any use to me: too tall, too ugly, no German, too hairy everywhere, can’t take decent pain, a useless fuck, need I go on? Besides, sissies are so much trouble, the lingerie, the clothes and the shoes, to say nothing about make-up, and this one needs a lot of that!’ She emphasizes Her point with a kick to charlotte’s side.

‘Well, that’s very disappointing,’ says Mistress Mariah, and kicks charlotte on her other side. ‘you’ve let me down badly today charlotte. Clearly you have no future as a sissy maid with Me or Mistress Minx!’ She is now standing with one of Her boots resting on the sissy’s cock, gradually increasing Her weight. charlotte is powerless to resist and tears flow down her cheeks.

‘That means you’re going to become a streetwalking slut for Me, charlotte!’ Mistress Mariah continues. ‘I’ll lock you in chastity, and have you wearing the sluttiest dress in the city, it won’t even cover your little arse, and don’t think you’ll be wearing panties either! There’ll be slutty boots locked on your feet and a truckload of make-up plastered over your face to get it half decent. I can just see you standing on a corner, wearing a sign around your neck saying $10 for a blowjob, $20 for a fuck. How delicious you’ll look kneeling on the pavement as the football club line up to stick their cocks in you. You’ll go to parties and have to suck off every dick there. Won’t you look pretty with all their spunk sprayed over your face and in your hair? Mmmm, makes me hot just thinking about that!

‘Once you’ve become a total cum-slut (probably only a week or two), I’ll sell you to a fishing boat for a few weeks at sea. You’ll be sucking and fucking 24 hours a day for all the horny crew, keeping those smelly little Korean and Arab boys happy until they get back to port!’

Mistress Mariah now has almost Her entire weight on the sissy’s cock, and Mistress Minx is coming hard riding on the dildo.

The two Mistresses stand over charlotte. ‘My god, you’re the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in a long, long time!’ says Mistress Mariah. They both spit on her. ‘Get your dress back on and make Us some more drinks!’ Mistress Mariah orders, and the two beautiful Mistresses leave charlotte crying on the floor.

As ordered, charlotte puts on her maid’s uniform and serves the Mistresses wine in the sitting room. While They sip Their wine, charlotte is used as a foot rest for Their magnificent feet. Mistress Mariah orders her to lick their wonderful boots clean.

‘Perhaps there is a tiny bit of hope for you yet, charlotte,’ says Mistress Mariah. ‘Mistress Minx would like to hire you for a couple of days to give Her house a spring clean. She also thinks you could be a nice plaything for Her animal pets, the stallion and the dog. It’s been months since they were allowed any relief, and doubtless they’d fuck you like crazy. I don’t know though. I’m rather keen to see how you do as a streetwalker tonight. Maybe you’d better beg me to allow you to go with Mistress Minx now if you’d rather not be sucking cocks in a back alley in a couple of hours!’

‘Oh please, please Mistress, let me go with Mistress Minx!’ charlotte whines. ‘i’ll be good for You, i’ll clean and do anything for Mistress Minx. Please, please, make me do anything but go on the street tonight.’ The poor wretch blubbers and begs for minutes before Mistress Mariah tells her how boring and pathetic she is.

The sissy is prepared for departure. A chastity device is locked on, and Mistress Minx takes the key. A large butt plug is inserted roughly, then charlotte’s hands are tied together and elbows bound to her sides. A long cloak is thrown around her and fastened tightly around the neck, which hides the bondage. A latex full-face mask is tied around her head and a wig placed on top. The mask has the eyes filled in, effectively blindfolding the sissy.

‘you will have to follow the sound of My boots,’ says Mistress Minx. ‘Come now!’ charlotte listens hard to the click – clack of Mistress Minx’s high-heeled boots, and follows Her out the door and to Her car, fighting her rising trepidation and anxiety.