Wellington Dominatrixes | Funhouse

You have been a very naughty boy and it is time for retribution; our beautiful Mistresses delight in performing all manner of painful and pleasurable punishment.

Perhaps you would like to explore your body’s threshold for pain with some light spanking or maybe you want to ache for days, so that every time you sit down, you are reminded of your guilt.

Discipline can be attained through all manner of pain; you may make requests prior to a session, otherwise Mistress may determine which method is most effective, this may involve spanking, caning, cropping, strapping, tawsing or whatever other punishment Mistress chooses to dole out on your poor tender flesh. While caning and tawsing are really the only forms of ‘corporal’ punishment in this list, the others can also be effective in deterring bad behaviour, but are very much less severe.

Perhaps Mistress is your strict school teacher who has caught you masturbating in the shower and must bend you over her knee? Or maybe you are being interrogated by a stern double agent who will spank you with her leather gloves and crop your tender ass until you beg for mercy?

The MM club offers sessions which are always adjusted to your body’s tolerance level and desired intensity.

Our Mistresses are skilled at reading body language and catering a session to suit you, even if you are new to the pleasures of pain, or wish to avoid all marks and bruises. It can be our little secret.