Maid Interview

I have applied for a position as a maid serving Madam Mariah. Before setting out for Her city apartment, I dither about choosing my clothes. Surely it would be best to wear my satin maid’s uniform to such an important appointment, but what about the risk of being seen by my neighbours as I set out, or the people in Madam’s building? In the end I put on my white corset and white panties and stockings, but my outer layers are a satin shirt, pants and flat shoes.  I drive to Madam’s building, arriving just in time, and ring the bell.

A very pretty maid opens the door. She is wearing a gorgeous black and white satin uniform with black stockings and pumps, and has exquisite make-up. She looks at me disdainfully. ‘I.. I.. have come… about the … v..vacancy,’ I stammer. ‘I have an… appointment w..w..with Madam Mariah.’

‘Follow me,’ she commands, and leads me inside, down a passage to a sitting room.  Madam Mariah is sitting in an armchair, sipping a flute of champagne. She looks magnificent in a deep red satin blouse and black leather skirt with high-heeled boots buffed to a brilliant shine. The maid curtseys to her, and I also curtsey.

‘Are you charlotte?’ She asks, looking me up and down.

‘Yes Ma-‘ I start to reply, but she holds up her black-gloved hand to stop me.

‘In My house maids do not speak unless I have given permission! A nod or shake of the head will suffice to answer my questions charlotte.’ I nod to show that I understand.

‘I am disappointed that you haven’t bothered to wear your proper uniform today charlotte. It shows a lack of respect for me and a lack of dedication to your position. And no doubt your miserable sissy brain was too confused choosing what to wear today that you completely forgot to put on make-up. Not very impressive charlotte! I do hope you are not one of those stupid sissymaids without an ounce of common sense who have no idea of service or proper respect!’

I hang my head in shame and curse myself for my stupidity.

Madam introduces the maid who brought me in as Her head-maid Yvette, who will be my superior if She decides to employ me. She tells me that Yvette must always be referred to as “Miss Yvette” – and she is authorized to punish me for any transgressions. Madam asks for my references, and I hand over the envelope I have been holding. She then orders Yvette to take me to get properly dressed and made-up, and to bring me back in five minutes.

Yvette leads me to a bedroom and tells me to get my uniform from my bag. She tightens the laces on my corset until I can barely breathe, then helps me with my petticoat, blue satin uniform and satin pinafore, before I put on my white high heels and satin gloves. Yvette then has me sit at a dressing table where she proceeds to apply make-up and finishes with a wig. I can barely recognize myself in the mirror when she is finished.

Yvette attaches a collar and lead around my neck, and leads me back to the sitting room. We both curtsey before Madam while She sips Her drink. She orders me to hold up my skirt and petticoat to show my panties. Yvette then pulls them down to my knees, while Madam show me a chastity device and key.

‘I insist on locking all My maids in chastity,’ She says. She hands the chastity to Yvette, who slips my sissy-clit into the tube and locks the device on. Then Madam orders me to turn around, and bend over the chair that is there. Yvette pushes up my skirt and petticoat, and I feel cool lubricant being spread over my sissyhole. I groan slightly as a buttplug is inserted.

‘So charlotte, you want to work as a maid for Me?’

‘Yes please Madam.’

‘Silence! I did not say you could speak in My presence sissy! Yvette, gag her now!’ Yvette forces a ball-gag into my mouth and fastens it tightly around my head.

‘Shall I read your reference from Lady de Sadinet, charlotte?

“To Whom It May Concern – The maid charlotte, formerly in my employ, is one of the most worthless stupid servants I have ever had. I implore you dear Lady to whip her for the effrontery of applying for a position with you after I have dismissed her. There is no hope of her ever becoming a useful servant.”

‘And there’s similar from Baroness von Schmerz –

“I cannot give any positive recommendation for this maid – possibly the most dim-witted and clumsy maid in the country. I advise that she be beaten then sent on her way.”

‘Well I cannot ignore such good advice from two superior ladies! Yvette, you will flog her now!

Yvette starts to beat my bottom with a flogger. The first couple of blows are to warm-up, and I hold a hope that it will not be too bad. But her intensity lifts, and what was a warming feeling becomes layers of stinging pain as she lays into me, swinging the flogger in many different directions. Soon it feels like the leather thongs are needle sharp and flailing my skin with every touch. The gag prevents me crying out, but I know some moans escape my throat, and my eyes begin to leak tears.

‘I hope this little beating isn’t too painful charlotte. I think Yvette has barely completed her warm-up!’ I hear the clicking of Madam’s boots as She walks over to me. A hand rubs my behind. ‘Just a little bit of redness there,’ She murmurs. ‘I will be quite happy to turn that red into blue or purple to match your maid’s dress if you fail to satisfy me charlotte. Do you understand?’ I nod my head.

‘Good. But I think a little demonstration of my riding crop will cement My message into your pathetic sissy excuse for a brain.’ Suddenly Madam flicks Her riding crop across my tender buttocks, and I have to scream into the gag at the sudden blinding pain. She hits me three more times, each blow a new lesson in agony for me, as I fight the immense desire to run, to escape, to do anything but stay exactly in position for Her. I know my entire body is quivering, and my face is wet with tears.

Madam orders me to stand, and Yvette wipes my face with a tissue. I am allowed to pull up my panties.

‘Now, what can you actually do charlotte? No doubt you can clean?’ I nod my head respectfully. ‘Good, what about cooking?’ Again I nod. ‘Laundry? Sewing? Waiting at table? Gardening? Ironing?’ Of course I nod at each of these, proud of my training.

‘Well, the task that takes the most time in my house is cleaning my shoes. I have hundreds of pairs, and I insist that they are all immaculately clean at all times. Do you think you can clean my shoes and boots charlotte?’

Omigod! Madam Mariah is asking me to clean Her shoes! What heaven that would be, to lovingly hold each of Her little leather sculptures and reverently clean it of dust and dirt, then to buff and buff it again until the leather gleams! I nod as enthusiastically as I can to Madam.

‘Very well, we shall see how well you can put a shine on my boots.’ She gives a nod to Yvette, who unbuckles and removes the gag from my mouth, then hands Madam the leash. Madam pulls on the leash, forcing me to kneel in front of Her, and lower my head to the floor as She puts the leash under Her foot. ‘Start on the left boot,’ She orders.

My tongue begins licking the soft black leather, and I relish the feel and smell of Madam’s boot. My unworthy spittle is worked into each square centimeter of the boot and my lips pay homage to this magnificent piece of art and the foot it encloses. My mind focuses only on the boot and my desire to lick it forever as part of my servitude to its Mistress; the heady aroma of the leather mingling with Madam Mariah’s scent acts like a narcotic, numbing all my other senses and reason. I am scarcely aware of Madam directing me to now lick Her right boot, but of course I swap my attention to Her other boot and proceed to caress it with my tongue and lips.

When Madam commands me to stop my licking, I reluctantly stop my lapping. ‘It appears that you have some enthusiasm for cleaning My boots. Let’s see if we can make things a bit more interesting!’ Madam orders Yvette to cuff my hands behind my back, and also to cuff my ankles. Then Madam takes a pair of nipple clamps from Her bag. Yvette unzips my dress halfway, so that Madam can place the clamps tightly on my nipples. She then attaches my lead to the chain hanging between the nipple clamps.

‘I noticed Yvette’s shoes have picked up some dirt, so you can clean them now charlotte. You have two minutes to get them perfect!’ Yvette stands next to Madam’s armchair, and I bend forward to start licking the tops of her 5 inch black pumps, aware now that I have to balance carefully on my knees. Madam tugs roughly on the leash, causing a shock of pain to my nipples. I quickly run my tongue over Yvette’s right shoe, picking up some dust and grit as I go. Yvette doesn’t make it easy for me: she keeps her feet together so it’s impossible to clean the in-steps, also I have to shuffle my way behind her to lick the heels. And all the time Madam continues to jerk on the leash.

‘Enough!’ Madam commands, and I stop licking Yvette’s shoes. Yvette removes her shoes and gives them to Madam for inspection. After a moment she holds one in front of me. ‘Do you really call this clean charlotte?’ There is a speck of dirt on the inner heel where I could not reach my tongue. Dejectedly, I shake my head no. Madam wipes the dirt off on my cheek. ‘Pathetic charlotte! Just a tiny bit of distraction and your standards fly out the window. I’m afraid I shall have to teach you a little lesson!’

I am led to a stool, and made to bend over it. Yvette ties my leash to a ring at the bottom of the stool so that if I try to raise myself, I will have to pull against the nipple clamps. She stands with my head between her legs, pulls up my dress and petticoat and holds my arms.

Madam announces that She will give me six strokes of Her paddle. I must count each stroke, then thank Her for it and ask for the next. She pulls down my panties, again exposing my behind. Anticipation builds as I hear Madam walk around the room, swishing the air with Her paddle as she goes. Suddenly the first stroke lands on me – a dizzying wallop that brings tears to my eyes. ‘One,’ I count. ‘Thank You Madam. Please may I have another?’ I sob. Again She makes me wait and anticipate before striking me again – even harder than before. My body tries to jerk upright, but is stopped by the sudden pain this brings from the cruel nipple clamps.

‘Arrgh,’ I moan in agony. ‘Two, thank You Madam. Please may I have another?’ Before I have finished speaking She swats me again. ‘Please let it be over soon’ I pray, and start to sob with pain and humiliation. ‘Three, thank You Madam. Please may I have another?’ My behind is burning, and the only sounds in the room are the clicking of Madam’s boot heels as she walks around the floor and my woeful blubbering. ‘Stop that sniveling charlotte. Like all sissies, your pain threshold is deplorable. You will learn to bear much harsher punishment if you come and work for Me!’ She hits me for the fourth time, and I bite my lips to stop from crying out. Somehow I manage to make it through the fifth and sixth hits of the paddle suppressing the howls of pain I feel, but knowing I have been truly chastised for my incompetence.

I am allowed up, and Yvette wipes away my tears. ‘I trust you have learned a lesson charlotte.’ I nod. ‘We shall have to see if there are some other chores you can perform around the house.’ I am allowed a drink of water while Madam sips some of Her champagne.

Madam next commands me to sit in front of Her armchair and lean my head back into the centre of the cushion. I arrange myself as She directs, scarcely understanding what She requires. She quickly sits down, Her bottom covering my face and Her legs astride my body. The scents of Her leather skirt and her glorious bottom send me into ecstasy; my sissy-clit strains inside the cruel chastity, and Madam pulls hard on my aching nipples. I am only just aware of a hand inside my panties squeezing and pinching my sissy-plums. I swear I could die, but a few minutes later it gets even better: Madam shifts Her skirt and re-sits Herself with the crack of Her gorgeous buttocks engulfing my nose! ‘Lick me you bitch!’ She demands. My tongue starts to laps the crotch of Her pantyhose as wildly as possible. Madam’s erotic aroma overwhelms me as I push my nose and tongue into Her magnificent flesh. The nylon of Her pantyhose is rough and dry on my tongue, but I lick for all I am worth, delirious that I have this chance to give Her some pleasure.

All too soon She orders me to stop. I am aware of Her leaning forward and releasing the clamps from my nipples. I gasp and squeal as the blood rushes through them, but then I am silenced by Madam’s shifting weight. A few seconds later, She cruelly re-applies the clamps and twists them hard, which makes me spasm quickly. Immediately Yvette squeezes hard on my testicles, introducing me to a new level of pain. Madam and Yvette now take turns at torturing me, sending wave after wave of pain through me. I am completely powerless to resist as I struggle for breath beneath Madam’s wonderful bottom: I can only pray for it to end soon.

Eventually Madam and Yvette relent in their tormenting of me. I am allowed to kneel before them, thanking them profusely for the privilege I have just enjoyed. Madam orders me to stand, and has Yvette zip up the back of my dress. Yvette then re-applies lipstick and gloss to my lips.

‘I like my maids to be friends,’ says Madam. ‘Give Yvette a kiss now charlotte.’ I lean in and give Yvette a quick kiss on the lips, but to my surprise she grasps my head and forces her tongue between my lips! The taste of her lipstick is thrilling, and I give in to her, and begin to work my tongue against hers. Soon we are kissing madly, and Yvette holds me close and rubs her hands and body against me. I would love to do the same, but my hands are still cuffed, and I feel my sissy-clit struggle inside the chastity.

‘It looks like charlotte wants to be more than just friends, Yvette,’ laughs Madam. ‘I think you should let her kiss your breasts.’ Madam unzips Yvette’s dress, then undoes her bra, exposing her lovely breasts to me. Yvette sits, and I kneel before her, transfixed by her pretty pink nipples. I lean forward and start to suckle her right nipple, enjoying the feel of the hard droplet of flesh between my lips. I take in more of her breast, and hear her gasp. Madam whispers encouragement to both of us and rubs my bottom. I also kiss and suck Yvette’s left breast until Madam tells me to put my head between Yvette’s thighs.

I obey, and start to lick and kiss Yvette’s lovely legs. Madam slowly pulls up the hem of Yvettte’s dress, showing a beautiful pair of satin panties with an unmistakable bulge inside! ‘Go on – kiss her panties sissy! We all know you want to!’ I gulp and rub my lips against the delicate fabric, barely daring to think about what is hidden inside them. I’m so confused: I love to adore panties like these, but I’m afraid of where this is going…

‘No backing out now sissy!’ Madam smacks my bottom to encourage me, and Yvette holds my head against her crotch, so I have no choice but to kiss and lick her panties. I try and focus on the adorable panties and not think about the cock and balls that are now straining hard against the exquisite fabric. Yvette is moaning with pleasure now, and when Madam gives her the word, she pulls the panties aside. ‘Lick her sissy-clit!’ Madam orders, smacking me again. I begin to run my tongue up and down the shaft, and Yvette again clasps my head so I have no choice but to lick all over Yvette’s hard cock. I am also directed to lick Yvette’s balls, and, once they are glistening, I have to gently suck on each of them.

Madam Mariah tells us to stop, as she wants to join the fun. She leads us to Her boudoir, and has Yvette help Her to don a large strap-on cock. She smiles evilly at me, ‘I hope you are stretched enough to take my cock charlotte. Don’t worry if it hurts, because I love to see it making you cry, and I know you’ll soon want it deeper and harder!’ She orders me to remove my buttplug.

I am made to kneel on the bed facing the end; Yvette stands naked in front of me, her cock pointing at my mouth. Behind me, Madam readies Herself, then grasps my hips and plunges Her cock into my sissy-pussy. Oh, how it stretches me! She forces Her big cock deeper and deeper into my poor hole. Meanwhile Yvette rubs the head of her cock against my lips, making me anticipate the moment when I will have to suck her.

Soon Madam is all the way in, and She begins fucking me with long deliberate strokes. Oh god, it hurts so much! But now She starts forcing my hips to move, keeping rhythm with Her strokes, and I begin to cry. Yvette makes me lick all over the head of her cock, and I begin to taste her salty pre-cum. Then she’s opening my mouth and sticking it inside. Madam’s insistent pulling and pushing of my hips forces me to take more cock with every stroke, and before long Yvette’s cock is completely filling my mouth, and my nose is pushing against her belly. My humiliation is complete when Yvette joins in the rhythm with Madam Mariah, so at one instant my sissy-hole is full with Madam’s strap-on and just the tip of Yvette’s cock is inside my lips; the next Yvette’s cock slides fully inside my sissy-mouth, while Madam withdraws Her cock from my other end. More tears flow from my eyes as I silently implore them to stop.

Eventually Yvette’s hips thrust harder into me, and she cums, hot and salty down my throat, and overflowing my mouth. I feel some dribble out as she withdraws. I swallow most of it, but Madam directs Yvette to smear her cock all over my face, and then commands me to lick it clean.

Madam withdraws Her strap-on cock from my sissy-pussy, but replaces it with a prostate stimulator. She spread-eagles me on the bed, then She and Yvette quickly bind me to the corners. ‘Now squeeze your pelvic muscle, like you are trying to stop pissing,’ Madam instructs. I squeeze, then relax the muscle a few times, and can feel tension growing inside. Fortunately Madam unlocks the chastity, and removes the tube. Straightaway my sissy-clit points at the ceiling, and Yvette unrolls a condom over it. Madam blindfolds me, telling me to concentrate on exercising my pelvic muscle so that Yvette can milk me. Yvette wraps my panties around my sissy-clit, and starts to stoke it softly. Madam tells me to relax and let the sissy feelings overrun my senses so I can experience a proper sissy orgasm.  Her hands caress and fondle my body through my satin dress and stockings, while Yvette continues to build the tension by massaging my sissy-plums with one hand and milking me with the other. Soon I begin to spasm, and my hips buck as a volcanic load erupts from my sissy-clit. I scream with joy then collapse, feeling utterly spent.

Yvette removes the condom, then squeezes the gooey salty cum into my mouth as Madam holds it open. ‘Now that you’ve become a sissy cocksucker charlotte, we are going to make you our little cum-slut! You are going to have many chances to suck lots of cocks, and every one of them is going to shoot it’s load down your sissy throat! Soon you’ll love the taste of it so much you’ll be begging me to find more cocks for you to suck!’

‘Thank you Madam, I would love to do that if it meant that I could be your maid forever.’

“Well, I don’t know about forever charlotte, but I shall grant you a 30 day trial from tomorrow. You will be here at seven AM sharp, wearing your best uniform and ready to work! This evening you will prepare for work in My service by plucking your eyebrows. All your other hair you will completely remove. Do you understand?’

I gulp and nod yes. ‘Good sissy. I believe a combination of fresh razors and Nair will work best. Once you have done that, you will also paint your fingernails and toenails a lovely baby pink. You’ll be a completely new sissy for me, won’t you charlotte?’

Madam and Yvette then re-lock the chastity on me, and I am dismissed. I am not allowed to change, but must leave Madam’s building and drive home in my maid’s uniform with drying cum all over my face.