Tessa and Katie

Tessa was feeling naughty. She’d made her booking a few days earlier and the anticipation had been excruciating. Tessa arrived at the appointment on time and was told to go into the room and get ready while her regular mistress sat in the corner watching and occasionally butted in with commands for Tessa to follow.

Tessa opened her bag and pulled out her vast collection of bra’s, knickers, suspenders, nighties and toys. All the lingerie was fresh and white and the panties especially included material of all kind satin, nylon, cotton, lace, and lycra. Mistress commanded Tessa, who was already wearing a nightie, bra, suspenders and stockings, to select her favourite 10 pairs of panties and lay them out on the bed. As Tessa struggled to make her decision, her nipples hardened and her breath quickened. Mistress could see the effect that choosing knickers had on Tessa and suddenly Tessa’s breasts were being stroked, pulled and sucked through her lacy bra.

Tessa opened her legs wide and Mistress lightly ran her hand over Tessa’s bare thighs between her panties and top of her stockings, and then gently over the silky panty crotch, causing an obvious dampness to appear. The combination of her breasts being licked and the tingling sensation coming from between her legs through the panties made Tessa wonder what could be next.

Mistress pushed Tessa down onto her back on the bed, tied her arms to the bedpost and tightly wrapped a blindfold on her as well. Tessa was aching. Sensing this, Mistress would regularly run her hands over Tessa’s knickers stimulating a large amount of sticky leakage that was by now spreading over the whole crotch of the panties.

Just as Tessa was beginning to feel that she needed to be rubbed to cum, just once at least, Mistress pulled down Tessa’s panties releasing Tessa’s stiffening penis that had been tucked down into the crotch of the panties oozing pre-cum. The feeling of her wet cock jumping up and then being grabbed by Mistress was one of huge relief even though the next feeling Tessa had was of her cock and balls being squeezed and a hair-tie being pulled over the tip of her penis and down around her balls so that both her cock and balls were tightly clamped.

Mistress pulled the damp panties Tessa was wearing down to her knees and then ran another pair of Tessa’s panties up and down Tessa’s thighs and over her cock. Mistress dripped some lotion over Tessa’s balls and let it run down to Tessa’s anal pussy. With gloves on her hands, Mistress slipped fingers into Tessa’s pussy and ran the lotion over Tessa’s balls making them feel so hot. Pleasure rippled through Tessa who increasingly found it hard to focus on anything other than what was happening to her cock, balls and pussy. Although Tessa could not see through the blindfold, she could from time to time smell delicious moist pussy just above her nose but she could not lick or touch it as it was always just out of reach.

Mistress then removed the first pair of panties Tessa had put on and brought them up to Tessa’s mouth for her to lick and suck clean while she gently stroked Tessa’s cock and pulled on her nipples. After the panties were licked and all of the pre-cum was gone, Mistress used the crotch of the panties to mop up more pre-cum that was leaking out of Tessa’s cock and made Tessa lick it all again. This would happen quite often as the amount of pre-cum would increase depending on what Mistress would be doing.

Mistress then pulled a clean pair of panties on Tessa, stopping the panties halfway up her legs to bend down and lick her balls and the base of her cock. Pulling Tessa’s cock down as far between her thighs as the stiffness would allow, she tucked Tessa’s penis into the crotch of the new panties and got off the bed leaving Tessa alone with her cock leaking more pre-cum. All Tessa could hear was a rustle in the background while she laid there thinking about what was happening.

At one point, Tessa thought she heard a door open but wasn’t sure. After about 2 minutes, which seemed like forever but was very exciting, the bed moved and Tessa shivered as her legs were lifted up and she was told to rest her legs over her head to the bed headboard. Then something hard began rubbing over her cock and open pussy hole through her panties, occasionally pushing her panties into her pussy just a little bit to tease. Mistress put her hand into Tessa’s panties and pulled her cock up so that it was pointing towards Tessa’s mouth. Mistress released the penis from the panties and told Tessa to open her mouth. Not seeing what was happening, but feeling it instead, Tessa opened her mouth just as Mistress milked sweet pre-cum from Tessa’s cock into it making her swallow.

Tessa’s cock was then tucked back into her panties and the object continued to rub over her balls and cock and increasingly lower down where her pussy was itching to be filled. Suddenly, Tessa’s mouth was filled with a dildo for her to suck which she did like she’d been doing it all her life (she’d watched enough DVD’s to be an expert on this). During this, Tessa’s mind was racing because she could not work out how she had a dildo in her mouth from the side as well as a dildo rubbing her cock and balls through her panties between her legs. But her hands were tied and eyes blindfolded so she just had to imagine as her cock was stroked and squeezed gently.

Mistress then pulled Tessa’s blindfold off to reveal Katie, another regular customer who loved to wear lingerie but had always wondered what it would be like to have a session with another lingerie cross-dresser. It was Katie’s cock that Tessa had been sucking on through a condom. It was Mistress’s dildo that Tessa had been rubbing Tessa’s cock and balls. Tessa nearly came straight away but Mistress grabbed her cock and squeezed it to shut off any chance of release. Katie leaned further over so Tessa could suck on her balls through the panties and then with the panties pulled to one side, all the while Mistress was doing the same to Tessa.

Mistress and Katie then dressed and undressed Tessa a number of times while she laid there tied to the bed enjoying every sensation. At one point, it became clear that Katie was needing total relief as her fantasy had always been to dress another cock and balls in lingerie and so Mistress made Tessa watch as Katie was fucked by Mistress with her strap-on dildo and made to masturbate into the crotch of her panties and then pull the wet panties back on after Katie had licked them clean.

With her cock still hard, Katie then untied Tessa and got her to position herself on all fours. Katie ran her cock between Tessa’s legs and over Tessa’s cock resulting in a continuous drip of pre-cum.  Meanwhile, Mistress was enjoying this so much she had slipped a vibrator into her own moist pussy and was fucking herself to an orgasm. While watching Mistress cum, Tessa was able to reach underneath between her legs to stroke Katie’s cock as it rubbed against her own cock and balls.

Mistress then commanded that Tessa remember back to her younger days and was first trying on her sister’s panties and stealing lingerie from anywhere she could find it. She asked Tessa to describe what she used to do. Tessa used to spend hours pulling her new found panties over her cock and balls and then taking them down to her knees imagining other teenagers she knew, both male and female, doing the same. Whenever Tessa had the house to herself, the first thing she would do was put on her lingerie collection and spend many hours cumming while imagining all sorts of scenarios. One frequent fantasy of Tessa’s was to be caught by her sister and made to watch as her sister masturbated with her hand under her panties and then being made to show the sister how Tessa masturbated using her panties. Another fantasy was of going into the lingerie section of a department store and being made to try on panties, bras, suspenders and nighties while the transvestite shop assistant ‘helped’ in the process. Mistress played with these fantasies and made them happen for Tessa making her come twice in the process. There were many times when Tessa was nearly caught in the act but luckily she never was.

Katie had remained hard in her panties the whole time and Mistress asked Tessa how she wanted to cum a third and final time. Tessa asked Katie to lay back on the bed and then Tessa straddled Katies cock forcing it into her moist pussy. Tessa stroked her own cock through her panties, dragging the tip of her penis over the cotton crotch and flicking her nipples in her bra increasing the sensation. The feeling of Katie pulsating into her condom while still in Tessa’s pussy and with Mistress fondling her balls was soon too much and Tessa came through her panties and onto Katies stomach and bra.  Mistress rubbed a dildo over the fresh cum and after pulling Katies dripping cock out of Tessa’s pussy, she pushed the wet dildo into Tessa. Tessa bent over and licked her own cum off Katie’s bra while stroking to yet another orgasm.

After everyone had caught their breaths, there was one more surprise in store for Tessa. Mistress made Tessa and Katie share a shower and then after Katie had left – promising a return visit – Mistress selected the panties and bra Tessa would have to wear when she left. As Tessa pulled on the cum-filled panties she first wore when she arrived for her session and a lacy bra and stockings, she could feel her cock harden again. Tessa was feeling naughty (again) which Mistress noticed mischievously and Tessa asked to extend the session another hour…but more about this session later.