Wellington Dominatrixes | Funhouse

Nothing sates our Mistresses’ desires to tease and humiliate quite like forced feminisation.

Whether you are looking to explore your inner princess or be shown what a dirty little slut you truly are, our Dommes will find the perfect panties and frilly dresses to transform you into your sissy or slutty self.

At the MM Club we realise that sissies like you cannot take responsibility for your filthy desires, so relax, surrender your authority and become the little fuck toy you were born to be.

Our Mistresses love to play dress-up, and we have a large selection of lacey lingerie, baby dolls, suspender, dresses, heels and wigs, or, if you are the kind of dirty slut who prances around home in panties and a bra, this is your opportunity to show them off.

Perhaps you have been very naughty and require some spanking and bondage or you need to have your poor swollen ‘clit’ tortured.

Maybe Mistress needs to show you that ALL of your holes belong to her with some delicious anal violation or by making you suck her big cock.

Either way, the MM club offers a safe, controlled environment to act out all of your most humiliating fantasies.

Contact us to request a particular fantasy or allow one of our Dommes to play.

We will tailor sessions to fit your most thrilling and depraved ideas, whether you are a delicate princess or a cock-hungry slut.