Tessa – The Shave

Tessa received her instructions via email. Her Mistress was clear. Tessa was to arrive with her cock already wrapped up in a standard hair tie with her balls unshaven since her last visit. Of course, Tessa had to also arrive wearing her favourite white panties, bra, stockings and a short skirt underneath her overcoat.

With her balls constrained, they dangled and rubbed against the gusset of the panties keeping her cock almost fully erect as she walked up the stairs.

Mistress was dressed in white bra and knickers underneath a black mini-skirt. Tessa was not allowed to unzip her bag and empty her lingerie collection as she usually did. Instead, Mistress had set up a wooden cross in the room which she lead Tessa to without even a word. Mistress then tied Tessa’s hands tightly to the cross and tantalizingly ran her nails up Tessa’s stockings stopping short every time just before touching her throbbing cock.

Tessa watched as Mistress emptied Tessa’s bag of all her lingerie and laid it out on the bed. Finding the thing Tessa had been told to bring, Mistress smiled and walked towards Tessa.

Mistress ran her fingers inside the elastic along each side of the cotton gusset of Tessa’s panties and teased Tessa’s nipples through her satin bra. After producing a squirt of pre-cum from Tessa’s cock, she lowered Tessa’s panties down to her knees and then pulled one leg out of the panties.

Tessa’s balls were enlarged and dangling as a result of the hair tie. Standing up, Mistress tightly tied a blindfold over Tessa. Knowing what was next, Tessa’s cock hardened even more and stuck out at a 90-degree angle.

Mistress pushed Tessa’s legs apart and rubbed shaving cream around Tessa’s balls.  Telling Tessa to remain completely still, Mistress began shaving the balls with steady strokes while holding Tessa’s cock out of the way. The sensations involved were immense but Tessa had complete trust in Mistress to complete this delicate task. Mistress went even further and shaved Tessa’s scrotum right back to her pussy hole.

Mistress then produced a hot cloth and washed Tessa’s newly shaved balls and pussy. Walking back to the bed, Mistress selected half a dozen pairs of panties and with each pair she ran the gusset over Tessa’s cock and rubbed the pre-cum juices over Tessa’s balls making Tessa smell the panties from time to time. Finally, she chose one pair to put on Tessa and pulled them up over Tessa’s stockings and over Tessa’s cock.

Undoing Tessa’s blindfold, Mistress lowered Tessa on the cross and told Tessa to spread her legs as wide as she could. Mistress put on a strap-on dildo and a pair of Tessa’s knickers over the dildo. Walking up to Tessa, Mistress slid the dildo between Tessa’s legs and rubbed it over Tessa’s balls and up over Tessa’s cock.

After a while, Mistress pulled Tessa’s cock down so it folded back into the gusset of the pair of white panties and between her balls. Untying Tessa’s hands she pulled Tessa over to the bed and made her get onto the bed in doggie position.

Coming up behind Tessa, Mistress started running her strap-on dildo over Tessa’s panties finally pulling them to one side and sliding the dildo inside Tessa’s hungry pussy. Tessa was under the strictest order not to touch her own cock but to let it dangle and rub against the material of the panties she was wearing.

Mistress reached down and started stroking Tessa’s cock exciting it to new heights telling Tessa not to cum. Unfortunately, Tessa couldn’t hold on any longer and she came all over the gusset of her panties. As a punishment, Mistress made Tessa suck all of her cum out of her panties and continued to stroke Tessa’s cock while it was so sensitive.

Only halfway through the session and Mistress decided that Tessa should lie on her back on the bed watching DVD’s of transvestites to recover while Mistress rubbed lube all over Tessa’s cock and balls that were still wrapped in the hair tie. Slowly but surely Tessa’s cock started twitching and hardening and Mistress left the room telling Tessa to keep her cock hard but not to cum.

When Mistress came back into the room she was not alone. With her was a helper with a strap-on. Mistress got into doggie and made Tessa slide under her so her head was directly under Mistresses wet pussy. The helper then slid her strap-on dildo slowly into Mistresses pussy while Mistress stroked Tessa’s cock through her panties. Tessa had a wonderful view of the helper’s dildo sliding in and out of her Mistresses pussy.

After watching Mistress cum, Tessa was told to raise her legs in the air. The helper’s strap-on dildo was forced into Tessa’s mouth and Mistress fucked Tessa’s pussy hard with a strap-on dildo and ran her nails over Tessa’s balls. Mistress gave Tessa another dildo and told her to masturbate herself with her hands rubbing the dildo against her cock. Tessa’s cum went all over the dildo and her panties.

Tessa, Mistress and the helper all showered together at the end and helped each other get dressed. Tessa left feeling completely satisfied wearing a clean pair of knickers, bra, stockings underneath her coat with instructions to cum into the panties and wear them to bed that night and dream of her next session.