Wellington Dominatrixes | Funhouse


Dressed in a suit and waiting – a beautiful woman enters, alone, dressed in a tight fitting white blouse, a pencil skirt, stockings, suspenders, and, as you find out, no underwear. You take advantage of the situation, moving close, groping her, lightly spanking her pert little bum and pressing against her luscious breasts…until she changes the situation and lets you know that she has been filming the entire thing. Now it is her turn to use your body however she likes. 
Note; in this scenario bounds between you and the Domme will be discussed and must be respected at all times.


Share your favourite porn move and we will help you reenact it in delicious detail – YOU will be the porn-star – dressed like a sexy or slutty woman ripe for the picking – let Mistress direct you in the role of your life! Mistress may even wish to participate somehow – using her big cock on you or having you practice your lines and positions over and over in front of the filming mirrors.


You are Mistress’ bitch and you will be led around on a lead, in a puppy hood and put in the cage. You will be trained and must obey every command from Mistress. Puppy must lick Mistress where and how Mistress likes, perform tricks for Mistress, play fetch and drink from a dog bowl. Then Mistress will check her bitch is healthy, with her fingers and whatever Doggy toys she likes. If you are a good dog Mistress may allow you to eat your come out of your bowl. If you enjoy humiliation this session will make you feel like the ultimate good boy.


(Double Domme) Mistress is going to show you off. But first she needs to make you presentable, maybe even pretty; Heels, a wig, lacy underwear and a vibrating toy up your whore hole.
 Mistress may share you with her friend, sucking cock for both of them, if you aren’t any good at that she will show you how to do it properly and if you learn fast you may be invited to a Mistress party where you will suck many cocks and pleasure many Mistresses. If Mistress takes a liking to you she may spit roast you, or she may rent you out – but only if you are slutty enough.


Feeling frustrated? Let our beautiful nurse explore your body and make it all better. Perhaps she will be a naughty nurse who will punish your poor cock or a horny nympho who seems to enjoy the prostate exam a little too much (this fantasy may involve multiple girls who will take advantage of your poor throbbing cock and perhaps even take turns riding it or sitting on your face).


You know you will never be good enough to satisfy such a beautiful and commanding woman, but you may still be in luck. Mistress likes to be watched as she expertly pleasures herself in front of you – close enough to see but not to touch. Be tied up and watch a sexy woman fuck herself with fingers and toys until your cock is begging for release


She is your final client of the day – you are the yoga instructor: Dressed in yoga pants and a see-through white tee-shirt. You help her stretch and limber up for her work out, massaging her body as you go…until you begin to notice her getting excited. Her excitement turns to manipulation and all of a sudden you are under her control and she is punishing you for being such a ‘hands on’ instructor.


A naughty school-girl refuses to adhere to proper dress code. You must punish her by spanking her perk little bum…however things take a turn when she begins to blackmail you. She will use your body however she wishes…she may be a little girl but not one to be messed with – she will use you for her enjoyment however she sees fit. Otherwise she will report you to the authorities.


She will dress you up and make you pretty. Do your girly princess parts ache? Does that little clit twitch. It’s ok, big sister will make it all better. She will show you her special big-girl-parts too. Big sister likes to babysit you, she loves to teach you things and use you for her own pleasure.


If you have any other fantasy scenarios, preferences, ideas, role play’s – Then get in touch today, to find out how we can work together & cater your craving efficiently, safely, seductively & ultimately leaving you aching for more…