Public Seduction

It had been a long time since he had allowed himself time off. He had been working so hard on his new project but now with it all finished and signed off he found himself at a lost end so had decided to go out for a drink and see what might happen.

As well as he could remember Wednesday afternoons were not the best time in the world for meeting lots of people in bars but he was determined to relax and have some fun. He went to his old favourite café, where he knew he could at least have a nice range of food and a high quality beer or two and maybe a glass of champagne if he felt in the mood to celebrate his recent accomplishment. The eye candy was always good here too, so at least he could sit back and imagine….

Having had his favourite lunch dish off the menu and two beers he was feeling quite replete, looking out the window watching people walk by he hadn’t even noticed her enter the café. The first he knew of her was when she spoke from across the table where she had placed herself. “Drinking alone?” he heard her sexy German accent and saw her stunningly beautiful smile all at the same time. His body froze, he couldn’t get a word out, he watched her as she reached across the table and removed something from his shirt pocket, sat back on her seat and opened up his wallet. “I like men who come prepared, I feel like Champagne” were the words he heard as she removed a wad of cash from his wallet, stood up and walked to the bar.

He watched in motionless awe as she stood at the bar ordering a bottle of the house best sparkling Rose. She paid with the money she had taken from him but he felt no regret at not stopping her. When she sat back down it was next to him on the leather upholstered wall seat behind the table and a little more out of view. There weren’t many people left in the café now, it was mid afternoon and most people had eaten and gone back to their jobs to finish their day.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, he could smell her soft feminine scent, he could smell her hair, freshly washed and he desperately wanted to touch her, but he could hardly breathe let alone move. Nothing was said until after the ice bucket was placed beside the table and two glasses were poured for them to try, she confidently motioned for the waiter to leave and they were alone at the table.

She raised her glass then picked his up and offered it to him, he took it without hesitation and put it to his lips to take his first sip. She took a large drink from her glass, closed her eyes momentarily and put her glass back on the table, as she did this she slipped her hand on to his leg, he felt the tips of her fingers on his inner thigh and breathed in. He felt as though he were in a dream and that all too soon he might wake up so he wanted to savour the moment. He closed his eyes and held his breath as long as he could before breathing out, as he feared that might shatter the dream.

Her fingers moved higher, closer to his manhood that had suddenly woken up, maybe it wasn’t a dream, or maybe his penis was the only part of him brave enough to show any reaction. He could feel himself swelling; it seemed like a long time since a woman had touched him down there. Her hand stopped just short of his now obvious bulge and she picked up her glass again and took another swig.

She encouraged him to join her in the drinking of this fine bottle of bubbles and they chatted about food and weather and things he instantly forgot as she moved ever so slowly closer to him. By the end of the bottle she was touching the entire side of his body with hers, pressed together as if they were on a busy subway train. He had forgotten about the other people in the café, in fact he had completely lost all track of time and place, he was intoxicated, but not by the wine! He wanted to ask why she was there, and who she was but couldn’t remember if they had already discussed that so didn’t want to seem inattentive for fear of losing her. All he could remember was her name, Minx.

She poured the last drops of champagne into his flute, put the bottle back into the ice upside down and leaned into his ear and whispered, “you get another bottle while I go to the ladies room”. He nodded in agreement as he watched her stand and move towards the toilet, then he realised how excited he was, if he stood up everyone would see his erect manhood fighting to get out of his trousers. What to do? He didn’t want to disobey her, he had a feeling that wouldn’t work in his favour, so he stood up gingerly and put his jacket on in a vain attempt to conceal his bulge and headed for the bar.

The café had begun to fill with people out for a drink after work, where had the afternoon gone? He was in a haze; he ordered another bottle of the same and headed back to the table. By the time he got back she was already seated on the opposite side of the table now. She had a flute full of golden liquid which she moved across the table towards him, She was staring at him and he held her gaze as he heard her say “drink this and you will be mine for as long as I wish”. He picked up the glass, it was warm, as he put it to his lips and felt it easily slip into his mouth and down his throat he realised he was drinking her golden nectar, her essence. It tasted incredible, he finished the glass and wanted more; he looked up at her expectantly as the waiter arrived with the second bottle of champagne.

No words were spoken by either of them but as soon as the waiter had gone they both stood up and left the café. They walked across to a taxi stand and got into the front car. She gave the driver an address to head to and off they went, winding through the city on their way to heaven knew what.

Ten minutes went by and they stopped outside a small interesting building on the fringe of the city, she hopped out and left him to pay the driver. He gave the guy a $50 note and didn’t bother waiting for the change.

He stood behind her as she unlocked the door; he was close enough to feel her shapely butt push back gently against him while she was turning the key, then they were in. A steep stairwell greeted them and he followed behind her like a puppy, at one stage he looked up, just a fleeting glance, but enough to see under her short dress. The tops of her legs were adorned with lace stocking tops attached to a suspender belt, above that was nothing apart from flesh, beautiful German flesh, no panties in sight. He felt his penis twinge; it couldn’t get any harder so now all that was left was for it to pulse and for his balls to ache.

At the top of the stairs was a glass door looking in to a beautifully lit and exquisitely furnished room. Leather retro sofas and soft lamp light. She opened the door and held it for him, letting it close after he entered. When they were both inside she reached out and touched between his legs, he thought he was going to come right then! She put her hand around his balls and dug her nails in cupping them as she twisted them slightly, leaned towards him and said… “Now these are mine”. She began to walk backwards slowly, keeping his balls firmly locked in her hand. He followed obediently as she led him through another doorway into a hallway and then in to a large bedroom with a huge bed in the middle.

She pulled him through the door, let go of his balls, kicked the door closed and stood in front of it. “Take all of your clothes off so I can see what I have picked up” she said in her slow deep German voice. “I am horny and you are going to be my slut for the evening, any problem with that”? He nodded slowly and rhythmically as he began to undo his shirt buttons gazing at her in excited terror.

She moved closer to him and ripped his shirt open popping the last of the buttons off as she impatiently pulled him towards her, grabbing his belt buckle and roughly undoing it. He fumbled for his waist button but she had already ripped it open and was undoing his zip as she pushed her hand inside to feel through his underpants to see what was awaiting her. He saw her smile as she got a hand full of his hard cock, she could tell it was going to be worth using.

He felt her hand under his chin as she held his face up to hers, then he felt a stinging blow on his cheek as she stepped backwards and slapped his face full force with her palm. “I told you take your Fucking clothes off you little whore, don’t keep me waiting or I may have to remove some body parts once I’m finished with them” Her manner had changed from sultry and seductive to evil and scary, he hurriedly removed the rest of his clothes while she moved around him and picked up something off the dresser. As he kicked off his shoes before removing his trousers he felt her placing something around his neck, it was a leather collar. She fastened it quite tight and put a small padlock through the buckle, and then she attached a dog chain to the collar. She twisted the chain around her hand pulling his head closer to her, then she pushed him forward and told him to finish getting naked.

He was finding it hard to breathe as she hadn’t given him much lead to be able to lean over far enough to take off his trousers so the collar was pressing on his throat, she impatiently ripped them off his butt and ran her hand over his arse, with one of her fingers slipping between his cheeks then around to the back of his balls where she stayed for a few seconds before removing her hand from him completely.

He had finally taken all of his clothes off and was standing naked in front of a huge mirror that he hadn’t noticed before. She was right behind him, with the dog lead in one hand and with her other hand she was feeling over his body, gently and deftly searching out all the sensitive parts, seeing if he squirmed or was ticklish. Even though he was terrified he couldn’t make a run for it, she had him in her power, she could have done anything to him, and he had a feeling she was about to.

He heard a loud noise outside the room and she smiled and told him ‘they have arrived’…. He didn’t dare ask who ‘they’ were. She made him get onto his knees and crawl to the bed while she walked beside him like a proud pedigree dog owner. When they got to the bed she stopped, unclipped the lead from the collar and ordered him on to the bed. He did as she said immediately and was told to lie on his back like a starfish. She took a leather blindfold and wrapped it around his head, covering his eyes and making sure he couldn’t see. Then she wrapped leather cuffs around his wrists and ankles and padlocked them closed as she had with the collar. She then strapped him securely to the bed. With this done he couldn’t move, so when he felt her nails scraping the length of his still erect cock there was nothing he could do to avoid it.

He felt the bed move and could tell she was climbing on to it next to him; he felt her knees next to his leg and then knew she had straddled his thigh as he felt her warm, wet pussy against his skin. He felt her hand around his cock and then the explosive intensity as she gripped tightly and stroked it for a minute before slapping it hard several times and laughing as she did it.

He was so hard and his balls were aching for release but there was nothing he could do to make it happen, she had him just where she wanted him and he was powerless to stop her.

God what was she doing? He could feel rope around his balls, up against his body, she was tying up his family jewels… and tightly too! Now they really were close to exploding as she ran her nails up the length of his member again, his cock was pulsing with fear and delight and then he heard the door open. He could feel her body turn as she said “come and see what I have” there were at least two other voices, both female. They sounded excited and he could tell that they were coming closer because he could smell different perfumes invading his senses.

She got off the bed and untied his blindfold. It took a moment for his eyes to focus but when they did he saw them. Now there were four of them, one young, tall and extremely busty, the other two were slimmer but equally as sexy and ‘her’ his German captor standing with her hands on her hips smiling.

Her sexy German voice boomed out “Happy Birthday Michelle, here is your gift! Now girls let’s go and have some champagne and when someone needs a toilet we shall take him to the wet area and use him up”. They all laughed, the busty one leaned over kissed his cheek, squeezed his cock and they left the room. He was alone, unable to move and could only imagine what else may lie in store for him at the hands of these cruel beauties.