Wellington Dominatrixes | Funhouse

Close your eyes and think back to your first sexual experience; before you were aware of how your body worked or had the language and understanding to act out your urges.
Before sex carried any complexity beyond nice feelings, curiosity and a nervous thrill.

Who was the first person to make your cock hard?

Where did you cum for the first time?

Do you remember the way it felt to be touched?

How fast was your heart beating?

Do you remember seeing a woman for the first time, naked and wet, smelling of sex?

There is nothing like the powerful eroticism of the first time.

Perhaps you have fond memories of playing doctors with a girl or remember glimpsing your baby sitter, wet and naked in the shower. Maybe you had fantasies about your teacher or a nurturing older woman… let us help you turn them into a reality.
You may share your fantasies, memories or an age you wish to explore being; The MM Club has a wide range of costumes and items to play with.

At the MM Club we offer a wide range of regressive sessions ranging from the nurturing matriarchal figures to the precocious older step-sister or sadistically sexual babysitter.

Mummy Marguerite provides a nurturing yet twisted Mother/Aunty fantasy; She will care for her big, strong boys and make sure that they behave themselves.

You may be Mummy Marguerites’ or Aunty Minx’s big sissy boy and lay down obediently while she puts on your diaper and big plastic over naps, tucks you into bed and gives you a bottle to suck…
Or maybe you are a naughty boy who will need to be cuffed to the bed so you don’t wriggle away … and be made to suck something else.

Carrie, is your cheeky older sister; curious to explore her younger brother’s body while mummy is away. She is sweet and giggly and likes teddies and swings and ponies and putting big dildos down her little step-brothers pants and watching him squirm. Carrie also provides sessions as a schoolgirl, teenage baby sitter and aunty. She loves all forms of age play, particularly taking advantage of innocent boys or playing and exploring someone’s body for the first time.

Marguerite or minx can be a sweet older sister or aunt…who can be cruel if you do not behave or bend to their will. Your fantasies will be their delicious pleasure to inflict.

Minx or Marguerite can be a cruel school teacher who will teach you biology in the method she sees fit…even if this requires you to be naked and tied up while she plays with your innocent cock.

If you are a bad baby you may require a spanking or further punishment; Contact us and request whatever makes you hot…or tell us your interests and allow us to create a scenario to suit you.


The MM Club is the only place in New Zealand that offers such a range of passionately, playfully and enthusiastically performed sessions.

Don’t be shy with your fantasies, tell us what your naughty little mind is thinking and maybe we will make it all better.