The Fitting

Tessa arrived under strict instructions given to her by her Mistress. She had to arrive wearing one of her favourite pair of white panties, bra and stockings. Her cock and a dildo had to be tucked down into the gusset of her panties so that with every step her cock, freshly shaven balls and the dildo would rub against each other. However, the instructions were quite clear, Tessa’s cock had to arrive soft as Mistress had her own plans for bringing it to attention.

As Tessa climbed the stairs to the Salon she looked up to see her gorgeous Mistress waiting at the top wearing a white negligee, her legs slightly apart showing a tantalizing glimpse of white silky knickers. The sight of this and Mistresses nipples outlined under her negligee made it impossible for Tessa to stop her cock twitching and tugging against the gusset of her panties. Struggling to stop her cock from hardening completely Tessa followed Mistress to the room.

Once in the room, Mistress told Tessa to slide on a negligee and empty the bag she was carrying of her collection of white bras, negligees, stockings, panties and toys and to lay them out neatly along the bottom of the bed.  As Tessa was leaning over and arranging her collection, Mistress reached under Tessa’s negligee and gently rearranged Tessa’s cock and pulled her balls back a little to make sure they were fully encased within the gusset. Tessa’s cock stiffened slightly but Mistress gripped the head and forced it to remain tucked down between her balls.

Tessa was told to help Mistress put on a pair of stockings, a new bra and pair of knickers. Tessa was told to make sure Mistresses pussy lips were completely covered in the gusset of the new panties and that her nipples were hard and properly positioned inside the bra. Tessa was allowed to run the back of her fingers up and down between the gusset of Mistresses panties and her pussy lips and push just a little bit harder against Mistresses clitoris but she was not allowed to slip her finger anywhere it shouldn’t be. To finish dressing Mistress, Tessa was required to pull Mistresses panties up so that the crease of Mistresses pussy was outlined through the material and to run her finger along the crease line to make it wet. This was so exciting for Tessa that she dripped large amounts of pre-cum into the gusset of her own panties wishing that she too had her own pussy to run her fingers around.

Mistress instructed Tessa to kneel down on the floor with her legs wide apart and to stretch out with her hands on the bed in front of her. In this position Mistress was able to kneel behind Tessa and run her fingers under the elastic that ran down each side of the panty gusset. Occasionally, Mistresses fingers would stroke down the side of and underneath Tessa’s cock forcing her cock to start twitching and drip. Mistress reached into Tessa’s panties and pulled out the dildo that had been tucked there for the last hour.

Mistress then told Tessa about one of her first experiences of using a dildo to masturbate when she was only 16 and asked Tessa to remember back to when she was 16 and describe one of her most memorable masturbation experiences. This was very early in Tessa’s fetish with lingerie and was exploring the many sensations of different material. Tessa had worked up the courage to visit a department store and buy some lingerie that she thought would be fun to wear. Until that time, Tessa had been taking major risks by going out after midnight and taking knickers, pantyhose and bras off clotheslines all over the neighbourhood. Tessa had a feeling that the lady in the department store knew who the lingerie was really for and spent quite a bit of time with Tessa helping her make the purchase. Looking back, Tessa has always wished that she had gone back to the store and bought more lingerie from that lady because she thinks it could have resulted in the lady giving Tessa an actual fitting.

After buying the lingerie for the first time, Tessa went back home and spent the next 5 hours dressing up in the lingerie and her sisters short skirts cumming many times in the new panties and wearing them and a new bra to bed that night. It was also the first time Tessa had inserted a dildo into her own pussy and Tessa fucked herself to cum four or five times till she was milked dry and fell asleep completely satisfied. Tessa even wore the damp knickers all the next day to school under her school uniform for the first time, which was quite risky given, it was an all boys school.

While telling this story, Mistress teased Tessa’s cock, balls and pussy with the dildo and then when the cotton gusset of Tessa’s panties were sopping with pre-cum, Tessa was told to get up and lie back on the bed so her hands could be tied to the headboard.  With Tessa’s hands tied, Mistress then straddled Tessa, standing directly above her face where Tessa could look up and see how Mistresses own pussy was moist from all the teasing she’d been doing to Tessa’s cock.

Mistress moved down the bed and slid Tessa’s panties slowly down to her knees allowing Tessa’s cock to spring free. Grabbing a vibrator, Mistress rubbed the moist gusset of Tessa’s panties over the vibrator and then stroked the vibrator all over Tessa’s cock and balls. Using fresh juices from Tessa’s cock the vibrator was then gently nudged into Tessa’s pussy but not very far leaving Tessa gasping for more.

Mistress took off Tessa’s moist panties and made her lick them clean and then teased her by getting her to try on a number of different pairs of panties using them to wipe up the pre-cum every time they were taken off. With each pair of panties, Mistress would decide how Tessa’s cock would be arranged, forcing it to be tucked down in the gusset or pointing out hard or laid back on Tessa’s tummy either completely covered by the satin, nylon, lace or cotton, or with the head of her cock poking out the top of the elastic.

Mistress then took one of Tessa’s 6-inch dildos and pulling her own panties to one side she propped the dildo inside her panties. Tessa was told to lick the dildo through Mistresses panties and then suck the dildo hard as if it was a real one. Mistress would take the dildo and cover it with pre-cum from Tessa’s cock and make Tessa run her tongue around the head of the dildo as if it were a real cock to be sucked.

Tessa then watched as Mistress put on some latex gloves and soaked them with lube. Being tied up still, Tessa was powerless to do anything but watch as Mistress slid her hands into Tessa’s panties and rubbed the lube all over Tessa’s cock and balls while slipping fingers in and out of Tessa’s pussy. Mistress told Tessa to open her legs wide and watched as Mistress put on a strap-on dildo and rubbed lube all over it.

Mistress released Tessa’s hands and raised Tessa’s legs into the air forcing her to hold them over her head as Mistress ran the strap-on dildo over Tessa’s cock and balls that were aching for release. Mistress told Tessa to keep still and then slid the dildo inside Tessa’s pussy stroking in and out causing Tessa to gasp with excitement and to drip pre-cum into her mouth from her cock that was hanging right above it.

When Tessa started to move her hands to her cock to give it some release, Mistress commanded her to stop and was told to instead stroke her nipples through her lacy bra. Mistress also leaned over and nibbled on Tessa’s nipples while her strap-on dildo was inserted deeply inside Tessa.

After lengthy fucking Mistress withdrew her strap-on dildo and made Tessa fold her legs under herself and reinsert the dildo by sitting on it. Then, with Mistress fucking herself with a large vibrator, Tessa laid back watching Mistress cum and stroked her cock to a huge orgasm all over the cotton gusset of silky pair of panties.

Mistress then made Tessa eat the cum off the gusset of her knickers which excited Tessa’s cock to harden again so Mistress helped her to one more orgasm before the session ended.

After her shower, Mistress dressed Tessa and as a parting gesture slipped the dildo back down into the gusset of Tessa’s clean panties and told Tessa to go home and masturbate to at least 3 orgasms while reliving the session.